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Investment projects

The modernization and re-equipment of the cannery of the  Public Traded Company  “Firma “Veino”

A. The description of the project possibilities

A1. The name of the project        

a)Short name        

The modernization of the cannery  of  PTC            

b)full name                 

The modernization and re-equipment of the cannery of the  the  Public Traded Company  “Firma “Veino”                                  

c)short description                        

The modernization of the cannery will be able to increase the production of high-quality output, to raise the volume of receiving earnings and to improve financial state of the enterprise.   

A2. Project state                                                                        

The project is being worked out.

A3. Participating organizations and their role (contact people, telephone number, fax, e-mail, Internet page)

Head economist M.A. Toichkin 202-397                           

Head of the cannery D.V.Zhekanov 202-836                 

Head bookkeeper S.V.Drozdov 202 836                                               

Tel./fax 202811                           

A4 Project description (access, aims, components, results, stages, terms, general funding , advantages and so on)                               

The main aim of the project is the application of investment to the main capital. This  project will be able to increase the speed of the circulation of working capital, to raise earnings of the firm which will raise tax receiving to the budget. The modernization will be realized during a year, the term of the viability will put together 9 years. 

A5. Precondition/ history/ general programme/ closely connected and similar projects:                                                                                       

PTC “Firma”Veino” is a commercial organization with the status of a juridical person, has an isolated property in its housekeeping, works on the principals of self-financing, has an individual balance, bank  and currency accounts. The subject of the work of PTC  “Firma “Veino” is the production, realization and treatment of all kinds of commercial activity with the right of wholesale and retail  trade according to the law.                                                             

The cannery directs toward the production of vegetable and fruit juice, pickles and other output.

The project power is 3,14 million of conventional cans. The need in the equipment modernization has been determined. The project work is planned to realize by all  the departments and services of the firm at the same time.  

A6. Short description of the influence on the environment:     

Negative influence  on the environment is minimized.

A7. Possible obstacles / problems/the risk degree:        

The most essential risk, influencing on the project realization is  increasing the prizes on the raw and material supply.  A little risk is connected with the sale of the output.

A8. Realization and viability term of the project:                                            

The realization term: 1 year                                  

The viability term: 9 years 

A9. The project belongs to food industry

  1. Capital expenses ( summary investment, needed for the project realization):   

B1. Physical components of the project (equipment, work, services and other necessary things for the realization of the project

Cost                                     thousand $                                                            

Bottling automatic machine


Closing machine


Labeling  machine




Crushing pump




Grating machine




Group packing


Steam generator





  1. Capital according to its origin having by project initiators (owners, accomplices, sponsors and so on

C1. The type of source (grants, investment, quota participation/property and so on

C2. Sum                                thousand $                                                            

Own resources of investors



  1. Required investment, needed resources      

D1. Necessary funding , necessary type of financial participation (credit, quota participation and others)                                                                                                              Quota participation of the investor            

D2Financial sources

D3. Type of an financial instrument

D4. Sum                                  Mln $

Own sources of the investor

Quota participation


D5. Data of financial establishments, involved in the project realization

  1. Demand (users) and income

E1. Type of users /markets, volume, prices, income, profit/savings:                                The users are citizens of the Republic of Belarus. The demand is determined by the following factors: the quality of the products, income level of the population, price level and others. The prices are formed according to the state of the market so they are always competitive

E2. Income (sale)

E.3 Sum, Thousand $

Production of the cannery


  1. Operating and running costs

F1. Costs, amortizing policy, production organization and others:

F2. Expenses:

F3. Sum, Thousand $

Wages with income-tax payment


Raw materials




Gas, water, heat, electricity








  1. Clear profit

The volume of clear profit(profit E2 minus operating costs F2):

G2. Sum, Thousand $

Production of the cannery


H. The source of the information about the project

H1. The form is filled( by whom, name, post):                  

Toichkin Mikhail Alexandrovich, head economist of PTC  “Firma”Veino”

H2. Organization (name and address):   the  Public Traded Company  “Firma “Veino”, Veino, Mogilev region

H3.  Tel/fax/ e-mail:

H4. Date: 27.03.2012.

Mogilev region administration