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Belarusian wooden house company Domostroenie eager to penetrate German market


The Domostroenie branch of the Shklov-based newsprint mill has made a pilot wooden-frame house and shipped it to the German company Greenwood Industry, the Belarusian company’s representatives told BelTA.

The source said: “It is a new design of a modular home, which takes into account wishes of our German partners. We are now waiting for their feedback. If they like the new product, then we intend to ship about 30 more houses like that via the Belarusian engineering company OAO Zhilstroykomplekt to Germany by the end of the year.”

The Belarusian company makes all the key parts of the house. It just has to be assembled at the construction site. The house does not shrink and can be built at any time of the year. Internal and external finishing can be applied right after it is built. As many Belarusian materials as possible will be used as part of the finishing process in line with preferences of the German side. Belarusian bathroom fixtures will be used as well. “In other words, the consumer will get a finished house of Belarusian make. It means our technologies and the quality of products are trusted on the European Union market,” the source noted.

The Belarusian company is now in touch with German specialists working on the possibility of building three, four, and five-story houses using the same wooden-frame house technology. “We also continue vigorously advancing our cooperation with France. Last year we sold €649,000 worth of houses to France. In 2019 we’ve signed a contract to the tune of €1 million,” the source said.

Domostroenie also sells summer garden cottages to the neighboring country of Lithuania and takes steps to gradually increase the export of sawn timber to the European Union.

The Domostroenie branch of the Shklov-based newsprint mill was established in 2005. It specializes in designing, manufacturing, and building wooden houses using standard designs and custom-made ones. The enterprise also makes floorboards, tongue and groove siding, blockhouses, faux log siding, sawn timber, and laminated beams up to 18m long.


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