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Belarus harvests grain, legumes on 98.9% of area


Belarusian agricultural workers have cleared grain and leguminous crops (excluding maize) on 98.9% of area or 2.144 million hectares, BelTA learned from the Belarusian Agriculture and Food Ministry.


According to the update information, harvesting was completed on 99.4% of the target (354,300 hectares) in Brest Oblast, 98.1% (346,800 hectares) in Vitebsk Oblast, 99.6% (347,500 hectares) in Gomel Oblast, 98.8% (308,400 hectares) in Grodno Oblast, 98.8% (453,200 hectares) in Minsk Oblast, and 98.8% (333,900 hectares) in Mogilev Oblast.


Belarusian agricultural workers have cleared 96.2% of the area under rapeseed or 345,000 hectares, threshed 876,700 tonnes of this crop with the average yield at 25.4 centners per hectare. Exclusive of this crop, all forms of agricultural producers threshed 8.145 million tonnes of grain.


Belarus has harvested millet from 6,970 hectares, or 59.8% of the target, threshing 17100 tonnes with the average yield at 24.5 centners per hectare. Buckwheat was cropped from 17,200 hectares (49.9%) with 23,500 tonnes threshed (the average yield - 13.6 centners per hectare). Belarusian farmers threshed 64,700 tonnes of spring rapeseed.


Sugar beet was harvested from the area of 1,930 hectares or 2.09% of the plan.


The procurement plan for 2022 will make up 811,400 tonnes of grain.

Mogilev region administration