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Belarus needs law on licensing


It is necessary to draft a law on licensing of different business activities in Belarus, Belarus’ First Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandr Turchin told the media after he presented his report to the head of state on 27 August, BelTA has learned.

Licensing is currently regulated by Decree No.450 of 1 September 2010. The document will soon be amended. The move was initiated by the government and approved by the president. Plans are in place to reduce the list of licensed activities and change license issuing terms. In particular, significant amendments will pertain to the licensing requirements for medical workers. One of the important changes is to allow the licensing authority to give business entities time to eliminate gross violations rather than automatically deprive them of licenses, as it is currently practiced.

Moreover, a decree is not enough to regulate the area. “World practice shows that many countries have a law on licensing. The new parliament will have to take this work very seriously to develop the appropriate law on licensing next year,” said Aleksandr Turchin.


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