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Ecotourism facilities in Mogilev District:

Belarusian Ethnographic Village of the 19th Century

Tourist and Entertainment Complex “Belarusian Ethnographic Village of the 19th Century”, Granat company

Owner – Mikhail Borokhov.

The open-air ethnographic museum is located two kilometers away from Mogilev, in a picturesque place, opposite to Buinichi Field, on the P-93 Mogilev-Bobruisk motorway. The museum includes an entertainment complex Korchma and Artisans’ Town.

Artisans’ Town consists of six cottages (a cottage of a potter, a baker, a carpenter, a blacksmith, a weaver, and a straw weaver). The town provides a glimpse at a rural lifestyle in Belarus in the 19th century.

The complex offers comfortable European-class rooms with a 24/7 bar. The complex also has two saunas, billiards, a bar, Korchma restaurant (first category, 60 seats and a banquet hall for 60 seats), a children’s playground in a form of a fortress, a children’s café for 40 seats, and a summer café Korchma serving national cuisine.

Here tourists can try a delicious shashlik, play a pool, relax in a sauna. Children will have much fun in the children’s playground.

The complex has a 24/7 car parking with security surveillance for 30 cars.

The museum is surrounded by exotic flowers and trees, stone sculptures, fountains, a wind mill.

The complex is designed for 124 seats.
Address: Buinichi village, Mogilev District

Phones: +375 (222) 20-95-71, 22-32-12, 25-00-85, +375 (29) 1-414-415

At Aunt’s Valya (village of Bruski)

The farmstead is located in the village of Bruski, three kilometers away from the village of Buinichi, Mogilev District. Tourists are guaranteed tranquility, fresh air, organic products, Belarusian cuisine, home comfort, warmth and hospitality of the owners. As for entertainment, guests can choose among hiking, walking tours, bicycling, Russian sauna and a swimming pool. In winter this can be skiing, sledging and an evening in front of a fireplace. (It is a perfect spot for business lunches.

The place is very good for wholesome family activities.

On the first floor of the house there is a big comfortable living room with dining area and fireplace, a pool. On the second floor there are four comfortable and cozy rooms, two of them have balconies, and a billiards table. The farmstead “At Aunt’s Valya” is the perfect place for both relaxing and active holiday.

You are Welcome!

Bruski, Mogilev District, Mogilev Oblast

Phone: (0222) 21-25-85, (029) 689-21-19, 625-46-07.

Yuri and Valentina Vyukhinys

Maryina Usadba (village of Sofiyevka)

The farmstead is located near Mogilev. The interior of the guest houses is decorated in old Belarusian style. The attentive hostess will offer you dishes of national cuisine. If you have a holiday, you will be treated to an unforgettable party. The farmstead provides accommodation to groups of tourists.

The farmstead is located close to the lake where fishing enthusiasts can spend free time. A Russian sauna is available too.

Address: the village of Sofiyevka, Mogilev District

Phone: (0222) 21-59-61, (029) 303-22-63
Lyubov Svetlova


V Gayakh

The farmstead is situated in a picturesque place, on the edge of the forest.

It is not far from the city, approximately 4.5km. The farmstead complex includes stables, a pond, and a mini zoo.

You can get to the farmstead by bus or by car.

The farmstead offers you the following services:

- outdoor recreation (pergolas, barbecues)

-2 rooms with fireplaces

-horse riding

-horse riding classes

-rooms for lodging, camping

- private parties, corporate holidays

- playground

- fishing

- Russian sauna

- table tennis, badminton

-roller skates, skating, other  sports equipment

-picking mushrooms and berries

- organic vegetables

You are welcome! We wish you a pleasant stay!

Gai, Mogilev District

Phone: (0222) 21-44-11, (029) 621-24-02, (033) 627-35-33

Igor Isayev


At Knyazev’s (village of Lyubizh)

The farmstead is located 2 kilometers away from Mogilev, in the village of Lyubuzh, on the picturesque bank of the Dnieper River. Guests are offered various types of entertainment: fishing, picking up mushrooms and berries, parties, shashliks, eco-friendly food. The farmstead owner offers minibus service.

The farmstead complex includes a Russian sauna, a pergola, and cozy rooms.

Lyubuzh, Mogilev District

Phone: (029) 636-48-50

Alexander Knyazev


Apelsin (village of Lyubuzh)

Comfort and coziness is accompanied by exceptional service.

Here you will find a room to your taste and needs. There are eight rooms, a Russian sauna, a swimming pool, a conference room, Internet, parking for 10 cars.

Welcome to our farmstead!

Lyubuzh, Mogilev District

Phone: (0222) 40-70-00, 40-77-40, (029) 661-33-01


Igor Akulovich


Along the left shore of the Dnieper River lies the 80 hectare Zoological Gardens with the adjoining Ethnographic Belarusian Village. The Zoological Gardens features one big and 16 small open-air cages for animals. At the main entry are the Hare’s Shop and cashiers, an administrative building, engineering communications, a parking lot and a recreation area for visitors.

The Zoological Gardens is populated by Belarusian wild animals, like bisons, deer, boars, elks, roes, wolves, foxes, raccoon dogs, just to name a few. They live in the open-air cages. The collection of wild animals is constantly increasing.

The Zoological Gardens plans to obtain birds of prey, create a terrarium, build arbors and fountains. Visitors are invited to have a walk along the gardens and observe animals in their natural habitat from special observation platforms located on the way. There are plans to lay a noiseless cable railway and a street railway here to operate a train with small trailers.

While designing the Zoological Gardens, engineers provided for a possibility to observe animals in their natural habitat. At observation platforms children and adults can touch and feed most peaceful and safe animals and pets.

The Zoological Gardens was created for educational purposes for students of the forestry and agriculture college. Future hunting and forest experts and chasseurs have their practical studies at the gardens.

You can order an excursion across the Zoological Gardens held by experienced guides and college students.

Working hours:

10.30-20.30, Mon-Fri
9.30-21.00 Sat-Sun

Phones: 8(0222) 47-10-87, 47-09-94.

Transport: Take bus No. 3 or fixed route taxi-bus No. 2, 9, 14, 43 and go to the bus stop “Buinichi”.

Mogilev region administration