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Mogilev Regional Executive Committee
21 January 2021

Investment program for 2021 and a number of significant projects. Alexander Lukashenko meets with the Government

At the meeting of the President with the leadership of the Government, various documents were submitted, affecting various spheres of society - four decrees and a law. They relate to the formation of the Investment Program for the current year and the implementation of individual most significant projects. In addition, the issues of improving the activities of business entities, the development of the electric power industry, agroecotourism were proposed for consideration.

“These topics are united by one thing - the relevance for our state,” the President stressed. - That is, you can't go on - you need to make decisions. For we will slow down development at least in a specific sector of the economy. And this is inhibition in general. It shouldn't be. But there should be no mistake either. Therefore, in addition to the drafters of legal acts, we will also hear the opinions of those who see decisions from the other side - the people who have to execute them. These are primarily governors. They should be the most interested people. My approaches to most issues are well known. The discussion of the proposed topics should be headed by expediency, economic efficiency and social justice.

But there should be no imbalances either, the Head of State noted, drawing attention to the fact that for the first time he did not immediately sign the State Investment Program. It is noteworthy that it is overflowing with social projects, which you can do without for now.

- So, maybe some social projects, which will not give money tomorrow, can be transferred to the next years? - the President suggested.

The head of state drew attention to the fact that the draft Program provides for the construction of almost 130 facilities worth more than six hundred million rubles. On a national scale, this is not the largest amount, but even here Alexander Lukashenko requires a prudent approach in order to set an example of saving for all levels of government.

Another important point is the level of projects specified in the Program. The President draws attention to the fact that such objects as, for example, the improvement of the park, clearly fall short of the level of the State Program. And it is necessary to put them in order more on an initiative basis, and not at the expense of the budget.

- How verified and optimal is this list? - Alexander Lukashenko asked a specific question. - Is there any excess in it? Is the financing of each object justified?

The President raised similar questions regarding a number of commercial projects. At the same time, he clarified:

- Free, easy money is not present. Especially for those objects that themselves should generate income. And any delay in their implementation is a financial loss that someone will have to pay. That is, it is imperative to complete what we started. If this is not possible, postpone it for at least another year. Because the next year is completely uncertain. None of the members of the Government will tell me what year it will be. Therefore, you cannot take risks.

As for the amendment of legislation on the activities of business entities, this includes provisions that, through financial recovery measures, will improve the economic condition of enterprises, attract additional capital, and stimulate managers for effective development ...

- God forbid you don't dissuade me that you are slowly pushing privatization in this way. Sale of enterprises. You act in such a way that we will not turn it back later, ”the President made an important remark. - We have conceptually decided on privatization, and this is accepted by the people. Please: complete freedom of development of private property. Public-private partnership. Take action! But do not touch what is created by the people!

The head of state is convinced that legislation should not change frequently:

- If we add something, then we must make sure that everything is taken into account. Moreover, the issues regulated by this bill affect most of the country's organizations.

In the electricity sector, the Government is proposing to allow producers to sell surplus electricity to consumers in any region of the country.

- How will such a decision affect tariffs? How is the operation of the nuclear power plant taken into account in the new conditions? - the President asked.

At the same time, he pointed out that the issue is not entirely clear. After all, Belarus has a unified system of production, transportation and consumption of electricity. What then prevents energy trading within its framework? The head of state warned against rash steps:

- Do you want to split the unified system by regions? And then you and I won't put them together. And we will not be able to manage. The main thing for me is that the unified system is not destroyed. We do not need market competition, where there are common wires and one common nuclear power plant.

Alexander Lukashenko noted the dynamic development of agro-ecotourism. He drew attention to the fact that in recent years, thanks to the created conditions, a virtually new sector of the economy has emerged. So, over 14 years, the number of objects of agroecotourism has grown 80 times (from 34 to almost 3000). Last year they received over half a million guests. The head of state noted:

- Tourism services have become very popular both among guests of our country and among Belarusians, especially during the pandemic, when most countries were closed for travel. Recent events show that the demand for ethno-recreation throughout the world will only grow. The government proposes to extend the current conditions for agricultural farmsteads, and preserve concessional lending until 2030 ... I do not mind supporting it. Moreover, it was my decision and I stood at the origins of agroecotourism. What was the starting point? We must give the village an extra breath of air. Isn't this the way to raise the village? We need to support, but in no case should we leave for a five-year plan ... We perceive all programs for a maximum of a five-year period, so let's limit ourselves to a five-year plan ...

At the same time, the Government has been tasked with studying the issues of the functioning of agricultural eco-farms. It is necessary to find out whether the activities that deserve this are always privileged here:

- Let's once again return to the legislation on agroecotourism in general, and if it needs to be supported, let's support them ... We need to sort it out and put things in order ... It is important that such a vacation is in demand, first of all, by Belarusians. This is also very important.

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