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Mogilev Regional Executive Committee
22 January 2021

Mogilev region showed the best result in terms of GRP at the end of the year

By the end of the year, the Mogilev region showed the best result in terms of GRP. The chairman of the Mogilev regional executive committee Leonid Zayats told reporters today following the results of his report to the President.

When appointing the head of the Mogilev region, Alexander Lukashenko ordered to withdraw the region from the lower positions, while ensuring strict technological and executive discipline.

- According to the results of work for 2020, the gross regional product of the Mogilev region amounted to 100.9 percent - the best result in Belarus. At the same time, agriculture provided an increase of 105.5 percent in all categories of farms, in agricultural enterprises the growth was 108.8 percent. Industry - 103.4 percent, trade - 100.7 percent. The growth of wages by 15.2 percent was ensured, - the governor specified.

At the same time, Leonid Zayats noted that these indicators are insufficient, but they see reserves for their qualitative and quantitative improvement in the region. All subsequent activities of agrarians and industrialists, as well as residents of the Mogilev region will be aimed precisely at this, he added.

The head of the region also stressed that last year its southeastern regions did a good job, especially in agriculture:

- We have grown 1.4 times in grain, 1.6 times in rapeseed, we have prepared more fodder. Gross agricultural production increased by 4.4 percent, and revenue per worker - by 20.3 percent. Wages have increased. But still, of course, this level of development is not enough to be able to catch up even with the regional average.

The adopted program for the development of the southeastern regions of the Mogilev region will make it possible to align their indicators in five years, and in some - to come out ahead, Leonid Zayats is sure.

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